Andrea Davis
30 Age Las Vegas NV

Age: 30

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Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Andrea Davis

Description - Andrea Davis 30 Age Las Vegas NV

Hello! My name is Andrea, but my friends call me Andy. I'm a college graduate -- smart, ***y, and tons of fun. I majored in political science, so I love politics. I combine brains with beauty, both as a woman and a student: I also have a design degree in apparel marketing. I love intimacy and enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level. Whether our encoun*** is short or long, I want you to have an unforgettable, experience! I am very well-spoken and intelligent, but also very personable and easy to get along with. I love clowning around and making tons of jokes. At first glance, you might think I'm African American, but as some are aware, I am actually Dominican and Haitian. I have very curly dark hair that varies in style ... depending on my mood. I have a strong m**** comp*** and enjoy finding ways to give something back to my community. I ran track in college and continue to run as often as I can, so my ideal date would be a run followed by an "extracurricular" workout. In***ested in a unique experience with this ***y, savvy Island Girl? Then give me a call -- I'm always up for making new friends! XOXO Andrea Davis