26 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 26

Phone: +17862240423

Nationality: No data

Eyes: No data

Hair: Blonde


Description - Monica 26 Age Los Angeles CA

Twenty-five-year-old fair-haired bombshell Monica is the life and the soul of our agency who definitely knows how to have a blast. Just look at her, this gorgeous LA babe is a real fidget. She was born in the city of Saint-Petersburg. Besides working in Santa Monica area of LA escort , she also works as an actress and a part-time model. Sociable, extraordinary, lovable and easy-going – these are her. She possesses inner beauty that makes all men lose their temper. This little vamp was created to drive men out of their senses. She is sweet, calm, seductive and full of surprises. Believe me, this elite entertainer knows the art of seducing you. As for her traits of character, she never feels blue and no matter what happens in her life keeps her chin up. Monica always is in good spirits and tries to raise other people’s mood. She is the very girl you will have a heart-to-heart talk with. Moreover, being open to whatever comes next, she never beats around the bush and lies to people. It’s not so her to waste her breath and spill the beans. She will never ever betray you or talk behind you back. That’s the way she is – simple and even a bit down-to-earth, but still hot as hell. One word – goddess. Want a piece of her? Don’t by shy This escort girl has a soft spot for parties and hangouts. This little cutie is an ultimate party girl who is always ready to paint Los Angeles red. She never takes life for granted and always enjoys the ride no matter whom she is out with. And as all high class girls she cannot but like capturing attention to herself and showing in front of men. No secret that she has some whims, she really does. But who cares, if she looks like Venus? Monica considers modeling one of her favorite hobbies. She thinks that modeling is about being feminine and also creating something new and dew for people to look at and think about. She never behaves like a «typical-model-girl-type» and hates the idea of losing weight and constantly sitting on strict diets. She doesn’t even have to try – she is already a picture perfect Hollywood & Santa Monica model, who is tall, blonde and of breathtaking beauty. Even she is well aware of the fact how beautiful and sexy she is, Monica never boasts of her body and complexion. She thinks that everyone is unique and has something to offer. As for the world of modeling and beauty industry itself, she says that it’s the world she feels most welcome in.