Grace Grable
33 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 33

Phone: +13236093447

Nationality: American

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brunette

Grace Grable

Description - Grace Grable 33 Age Los Angeles CA

Hi, I'm Grace, and I absolutely love what I do!
I'm an authentic, warm, and responsive VIP companion to only the best and most generous and respectful men, women, and couples. I provide unforgettable and unique experiences because my aim each and every time is for you to walk away feeling energized and recharged - even electrified!
What I craft for us is a little escape: a hideaway from your day, and a chance to forget yourself, your worries, and your responsibilities for a time and just allow me to plunge you into the feminine world I create for us! I genuinely care about you, and the quality of our experience.
I'm formally educated (with a post-grad degree in philosophy from a venerated east-coast univerity,) so I just adore flirty tete-a-tetes! They always drive anticipation just through the roof, don't they? I guess that's why I love and greatly prefer dinner and luncheon dates over the one or two-hour ones. I even enjoy sparky email or phone conversation before our lunch or dinner meeting - it just really increases the anticipation factor for me!
I highly value your time and mine, therefore I'm always punctual, reliable, and responsible! I take great delight in making you want to come back for more. Email me at today! Same-day appointments ARE often available!
A note -- I do tend to ignore email or text requests that display a lack of seriousness, so if I haven't responded back to you within two hours please ensure your request contains the date and time you are looking for and appropriate verification information which you can easily find on my website.
I will work with those needing special verification considerations, such as VIP clients, and will consider these on a case-by-case basis. Thank you!