Lyra Tradgard
24 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 24

Phone: +13233930867

Nationality: American

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Lyra Tradgard

Description - Lyra Tradgard 24 Age Los Angeles CA

Howdy there! Welcome to my small space of the web!
I'm Lyra.
A woman keen with the passion of living life, finding moments to relax, laugh, and have joy for the world. Capturing moments for a career has lead me into creating moments between passionate people - lovers.
Reality & honesty are the fundamental framework for how I view the world to live about. Armed with those morals, I seek for yearning of passion. To keep my thirst for life, keeping active leaves a spout of knowledge to learn about the basics of the body. With a small body, yet soft enough to plot your fingertips, frame is often soft and petite. Long, natural blonde hair with a stripe of black to showcase a small rebel has dawned on to who I am.
I enjoy the world by experience, discussing, and, ultimately, learning about others. Education from my hobbies is a hobby of mine. I tend to enjoy taking in knowledge. I enjoy learning about the world and how it functions; learning about the prospering world and how to share it.
Aside from topics of science music, arts, and how things work, I enjoy so much with the world. It is often hard balance of trying to capture who I am within each one. We all have our likes, and mine tend to be always ranging, always eager to explore. Thus, I'm always trying new tastes of different things. With a love of the world, I stay connected with the earth with a love of flowers, and learning the ways of human impacts.
If I were to judge people based on their outside, I might as well just base the world on physical color.
Be well and may you find your flower!