22 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 22

Phone: +17862240423

Nationality: Russian

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brunette


Description - Alexa 22 Age Los Angeles CA

Twenty-one-year-old charming green-eyed escort model Alexa is a gorgeous Russian girl, beautiful yet organic. This Los Angeles young escorts is pin-up and extraordinary – so called social animal. This lovable girl stinks of excellent background and good taste in music. You will be paralyzed with her lovely voice and the manner of speaking. She is a little bird swinging in the chaos of hazy Los Angeles. Alexa was born and raised in the city of Moscow, in Russia and considers herself a hot-blooded and easy-going girl. This Russian chick tends to be the perfect example of high-end escort. Alexa is a girl of special interest, to be more concrete – a high-flier, who always gets what she wants - come what may. She is fierce and even a bit sexy – you will be amazed with such a powerful girl, who is quite a character. This LA babe possesses desperate sensuality and beauty at its glory. Being soft-hearted, she never shouts at people and lets them down. It’s not so her. In a nutshell, Alexa is such a miraculous girl – so don’t blow the opportunity to get to know her. Don’t hesitate, just come and get it. In her spare time this Los Angeles escort girl likes to dance and pose for fashion magazines. Alexa prefers to keep her well-shaped body in a prime condition through doing yoga and pilates. She considers yoga the best way to improve her health and be in harmony with herself. It’s vital for her to lead a healthy way of live and keep to a diet. Suffice it to say that sport defines her life in some fashion. This firm and taut woman likes to say that «nothing burns calories like dancing in 5-inch heels». Alexa says, «I like sports, I mean, I really do. I like sports as well as I like dancing. Dancing is everything to me. I truly think that dancing lets me go away and not have to think what I’m doing next. Moreover, it’s bound with exercising, because however you do it, it’s a great workout, believe me». «If you asked me what I value in men, I would answer – compassion and respect. And maybe tolerance. That’s all that really matters to me. I’m pretty simple when it comes to relationships between man and woman. I don’t ask for much, I never did. And I never boast of my body and face. If a man likes me, he likes me for my personality or ideas, or something like that, so he likes me for who I really am, not only for my booty or eyelashes, because it sounds ridiculous. I’m into passionate, strong and self-confident men. I think that self-confidence is really sexy. So sad that today a great number of men lack it due to some reasons. I never judge men by their appearances, because I’m a grown woman and know what counts in the end. And it’s definitely not a beautiful face or torso. Beauty gets the attention, but personality gets the heart. I think it’s a good saying, at least I agree on it. I never judge a book by its cover, because it’s such a silly thing to do, believe me. Before making any judgments you should get to know a man more, to talk to him, to listen to him, to figure out who he is».