Lea Christina
27 Age San Diego CA

Age: 27

Phone: +17792078638

Nationality: Italian

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brunette

Lea Christina

Description - Lea Christina 27 Age San Diego CA

Hello Gents,Writing personal descriptions has always been my personal hell, but I wouldn't want to send you on a completely blind date, so here goes!I like to think of myself as warm, bright, sexy and engaging. Other people have confirmed at least three of those adjectives. ;) I'm also told that talking to me can be cathartic. Being open minded and positive seems to have that effect on people.Our time together should be indulgent, savored, and un rushed.I have a full life, and only see a few gentlemen per week, as I prefer to keep each rendez vous individual, fresh, and exciting for both of us..The gentlemen I chose to spend time with are articulate, intelligent, well traveled, well groomed, and as discerning as I am.Including a little information about yourself in your introductory email will help set you apart as one such gentleman.I have a quick mind, and appetite for new experiences. My free time is filled in galleries, cinemas, exotic places, amazing restaurants, wineries, private jets, and amazing countries. I have a passport peppered with stamps and visas, and a never-ending tick list of places to see, so even if you're far away, don't hesitate to contact me about a trip you'd like me to join. There's nothing sexier than a foreign rendez-vous.Looking forward to getting hedonistic with you.Xoxo- LeaI only fancy a generous gentleman. Look forward in see you soon. XoxoBooking Details:I reside in LA, but make visits to all of California :) and other cosmopolitan cities like Boston, Chicago, New York, Texas and Montana, etc when I'm feeling flighty.Week o May 22nd im here in Manhattan, Mid Town New York. Im working with a web developer as we speak. So my web my site will be up and working soon. I will have a calendar that states my current and in the future locations. Also will have a mailing list to keep tabs on my travels. Again, I do have a life outside of this. So requesting me a week a head of time is admired even if it's out of my way or not in my schedule. I'm very personal and value my VIP Clients.To make a date, please email me at Ms.LeaChristian@gmail.comand I will send u a booking form so that I have all the necessary info I need to screen you.1HOUR /INTRODUCTION - $1500 2 HOURS / $2000 3 HOURS / MAKE USE OF THAT DEEP SOAK TUB - $2700 *4 HOURS / DINNER OR A SHOW??- $3200 *14 HOUR / OVERNIGHT - $6000 *16 HOUR / OVERNIGHT - $6500*Remember, dates of 4 hours + must include an outing of roughly 2 hours Dinner, lunch, a show, let's plan!Donation should be made available at the start of our date. Making me ask for it will set an awkward tone, so for the sake of our fun please don't! An unsealed envelope is standard, but if we're meeting in public and you would prefer to put it in a book or gift bag for discretion's sake, that's fine as well!xxxI do except all major credit cards and Paypal.I value your time as well as I do my own. Anything more than 2 hours is require a 50% upfront nonnegotiable and non refundable deposit.Any Special trip not on my schedule; requires full payment upfront. 1st class ticket or info on private jet. All expenses paid for.