Melania Rose
27 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 27

Phone: +17026195851

Nationality: American

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Melania Rose

Description - Melania Rose 27 Age Los Angeles CA

Standing a perfect 5’7 with flowing, long blonde hair, bright hazel eyes, a perfectly symmetrical face and sensual pink and pouty lips complete my angelic facial features like a cherry on top of a sundae. As your eyes journey down my frame, my delectable breasts, size 36 DD, make your heart skip a beat. My toned stomach and hourglass hips that lead to my smooth, toned legs complete my perfect package.
I am Melania Rose and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance online.
Although my physical beauty caught your eye and brought me to your door, my depth and demeanor will have you returning back for more. I am a treat behind closed doors and I am also extremely capable of making everyone envious of you as your public date for the evening; I have a few Emily Post books on my bookshelf. You will always find me dressed and groomed appropriately attractive, and always with a sexy surprise.
I am well versed in current international and domestic affairs and my interests also range into entrepreneurship, fine dining, travel, gaming, fashion, cooking, fitness, cinema, music, gardening, tennis, golf and technology.Due to my robust personal life, my availability is limited and reserved for the most seasoned gentlemen.