23 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 23

Phone: +14242189607

Nationality: No data

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Light brown


Description - CHARM 23 Age Los Angeles CA

Hello L.A.! I am that super girl who will present your dream comes true! Its really awesome to be here because I fall in love with L.A. energy from the first moment I landed here! I am from little town in Eastern Europe and this is my first time in USA. I am positive and active, modern girl who is looking for a new friends and adventures! We will find out where is your comfort zone to disappear from all daily stuff. We will run away from routine for a bit to relax, refill the energy and enhance the activity! Hope, I have already caught your eye and sparked your interest! So, Hope to hear soon from you, Your call is nice compliment for me! Thanks and send you million of kisses!