54 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 54

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Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde


Description - Sophia 54 Age Los Angeles CA

I love being a WOMAN for a MAN.I to love listen to him, feel his strength and clarity, understand him, support his dreams, help him to release tension and make him radiant again.
I love a man's laugh,his intelligence, sense of humor,his active nature, his ability to protect and serveand his always wanting actions.
He is like a wild riverwhich needs to be guided and turned in a right direction through a woman’s inspiring nature in
order to bring water to the village.

They're so different to us women,And they are our water.

I wish to share with you how to access your own
love intelligence.
When love intelligence is released, you are healed.

A sensually and spiritually integrated woman of French, Dutch and German descent with healthy fair skin, beautiful blue eyes and fine blonde hair.
I am 5'8", 150 lbs, 38C all natural with a curvaceous and natural athletic frame.
Healthy in Body, Mind, Heart, Soul & Spirit
I am a happy woman consciously choosing
to manufacture more love everyday with everyone that appears in front of me.
To be In Love and Happy Is a Choice that is made in the smaller and bigger moments of time.
I choose Love and Happiness.

Love is a Natural State of Being.