Rosanna Marie
25 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 25

Phone: +13232399207

Nationality: American

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Rosanna Marie

Description - Rosanna Marie 25 Age Los Angeles CA

I'm Rosanna - My parents are big Toto fans.

I'm less the girl you take as your wedding date and more like the girl you ditch her for to party with after

Quirky, fun, and rebellious in nature and yet surprisingly upscale wearing ripped jeans, a Breitling dripping with diamonds, and lavish lingerie seen easily through my "torn into a crop" top

Sweet? I can be... Submissive? Only in the and even that is getting far more dominant. Wanna sexy wrestle? Think you can pin me?

I may bite a little but I'll your wounds..

All pictures are recent and 100% me

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Text me any time - day and night