Penelope Archer
28 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 28

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Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Penelope Archer

Description - Penelope Archer 28 Age Los Angeles CA

Let’s start with introductions. My name is Penelope, or Penny, if you’re the casual sort. I am a warm and vivacious natural beauty, enthralled with the world and just about everything in it. My unquenchable curiosity makes me want to discover what makes you tick, if you’re open enough to let me in. I refuse to put on a facade, and friends and playmates are often happily surprised by my candor. People say that I’m at once playful, quirky, sweet, and down-to-earth. Naturally eager to please, my goal is for you to leave our encounter with a bounce in your step, an impossible-to-stifle grin, and memories that you’ll savor replaying until we meet again.
But what about the optics, right? I’m 5’7” with a slender frame, long legs, and sweetly feminine curves that fit perfectly in your hands. My natural blonde hair cascades down past my delicate waist, and my green eyes sparkle with each effervescent smile. I wear very little makeup and tend to dress with alluring femininity and a style that’s uniquely my own. I hit the gym regularly, adding evident tone to my physique. My fair skin is adorned with black-and-gray artwork - nature motifs that flow with my curves.
My journey toward providing companionship has been somewhat unconventional, ranging from far too many years in academia, a fulfilling vanilla psychotherapy career, and adventures in swingerland. Now, I feel as though I’ve found the dream - work that doesn’t feel like work, and something I can be good at without even trying. I thrive on opportunities to skip past the superficiality of every day exchanges and go straight to the juicy stuff. My hope is for you to be as comfortable with me as, without the constraints associated with conventional relationships. To put it quite simply, let’s not hold back!
Interested in a tryst?
Let’s make sure that you’re a good fit for me, too. After all, chemistry is a two-sided phenomenon. Falling right smack in the center of the Kinsey scale, I’m open to meeting new friends of any gender. I’m a true sapiosexual, drawn to those with inviting intellectual lives. Perhaps most importantly, you need to be willing to let your guard down enough for a meaningful experience to emerge. Looking forward to meeting you …
XO –
Penelope Archer