24 Age Los Angeles CA

Age: 24

Phone: +19097050103

Nationality: No data

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde


Description - Lynn 24 Age Los Angeles CA

Hi there! My name is Lynn, and I am here to offer certain services that you might need! I am a very caring person that provides as a hobby while I pursue school and figure out this wacky world! I am 5'2 that weights roughly about 110-20-ish, so I am not too petite, but I do possess the petite gene that some people enjoy. Right now, I am currently in school for astrophysics and business admin. in my freetime, I am a freelance photographer with a particular interest in anything that is floral. I also strive to stay active, and make sure to hike and do other active things! I am a very bubbly person that views the world in unconventional ways, yet I always stay logical within my views. I enjoy a nice wine on the nights that might have been rough. Young I may be, but a mature delight. I am well-taken care of, with a beautiful shape that hands cannot seem to let go of. I have a lovely posture, and take pride in being a clean, safe provider. Your comfort is my priority, and my safety is important, so it may be a little frustrating to hash out a few details due to my concern for my safety. However, that is probably the only drawback. I currently have my nipples pierced which can come off as a surprise to some due to my personality. ;) If you do choose me, you have the option of me arriving as a cute city girl that does not mind being seen, or I can be very discreet and meet professionally.